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About Random Video Chat AND/OR Random Video Chatting

We made Random Video Chat by keeping 1 thing in mind. Simplicity to video webcam chat with people all over the world.

What is Random Web Cam Video Chat?

Random video chat is an innovative and unique adult chat site that allows people to meet like-minded strangers from around the world via webcam. Started by a single person who became disillusioned with other chat sites that require credit card details to chat, offer little or no features, take too long to load, or continually connect you with the same users, random video chatting is designed with one thing in mind – to provide users with the smoothest and most enjoyable chatting experience online on randomvideochatting.

What Makes Our Random Video Chat Unique ?

Our experience in using chat sites, and specifically random chat sites, led us to understand what people want from their chatting experience online. A combination of simplicity and useful features create the ideal chatting environment and that is exactly what we have created at RVC. The platform is designed to be easily usable for people of all levels with the main aim being to offer the ability to chat with strangers. We have recognized the most frustrating aspects of other chat sites and countered them to provide a unique chatting experience.

Other Video Chat Sites Random Video Chatting
Credit card details required to chat 100% free to use
Little or no features/Useless features Convenient features such as filtering connections by country, webcam, and the ability to chat with girls only
Chat platform takes too long to load Lightweight chat platform loads and performs at lightening speeds
No users online/constantly connecting with the same users Thousands of users online at all times. Advanced coding ensures users don’t meet the same person twice
Too many rules to obey when chatting No rules or risk of getting banned
Too difficult or complicated to use Simple chatting platform that can be used by anyone

Goals of Random Video Chat

Live Webcam Chat 100% Free

One of the reasons that RVC is so populated is because it’s 100% free. You won’t ever be asked to pay in order to use this site. Whether you want to chat for a few minutes or even several hours per day, RouletteB will always be completely free to use.

More Girls than Any Other Random Chat Site

At RVC, we are proud to bring you the most amount of girls on cam. In fact, we have so many girls on cam here that we created a whole area where you can view just online girls. Most video chat sites have thousands of guys online with very few girls. When using RVC, you will run into girls more often than you ever would on any other cam chat site.

Up to Date & Moderated

Our webcam chat moderators are always making sure that this cam to cam chat site remains safe. Due to the large amount of online girls at RouletteB, they also make sure that all of the girl users are real. That means that every time you see a girl on cam at RouletteB, you can be sure that she is real.

Made with Love

View only people with enabled webcams Modify the webcam volume without affecting your computer’s volume Text chat area for people who don’t feel like talking out loud Choose to only view people from certain countries

Our Uniqueness

RandomVideoChat isn't just a lame old chat site; it brings a mix of video chat and social media networks. Most cam chat sites provide you with the ability to view strangers on cam over and over again, but you can't really keep in touch with those people. On the other hand, most social networks allow you to keep in touch with people, but they don't normally allow you to video chat with those people. We bring the best of the both worlds.

Free Cam 2 Cam Video Chat

Our Video Chat Rooms give you the ability to connect with thousands of random strangers worldwide. What makes this different from our other features is that this free video chat feature lets you enter specific chat rooms. You get to choose the type of conversations you want to have.

Exceeding Expectations

When using our online video chat rooms you should expect to find people who are much more willing to talk with you. Since the people in the rooms know that the other users are interested in the same things, your chances of getting rejected are greatly reduced. You can expect people to want to stick around and talk with you.

Meet Strangers Anonymously

Since you don’t have to create an account in order to use our features, we have no details about you whatsoever. This means that you will be chatting completely anonymously. The only information that others will know about you is the information that you will tell them. So if you want to enjoy online privacy, you’ll get it here at Random Video Chat.

Start Video Chatting - Meet New Friends - Free Web Cam Chat Strangers

Our video chat feature is truly remarkable; it allows you to instantly get connected with random strangers from all over the world.
However, our site brings you more girls on cam than any other video chat site on the internet.
With more girls online, RVC has the best environment for forming relationships through cam-to-cam chat.

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